The Ghostly Ghastlys Book 1 Finding A Home

Especially for Hallowe’en, here is the first chapter of the first book in the Ghostly Ghastly series. (It’s not at all scary, but there are some very mischievous ghosts, not to mention skeletons, and later on in the series, a vegetarian vampire and a were-dog.)


Chapter 1. Amazing Mischief


Mr and Mrs Ghastly and the three little Ghastlys – Bubble, Trouble and Puff – lived in the castle above the town.

Mr and Mrs Ghastly were opera singers, and celebrities in the ghost world. They gave nightly performances in the woods below the castle. Ghosts from miles around came to hear them.

Other ghosts lived at the castle too. It was their job to scare the visitors, because it was a haunted castle.

The little Ghastlys didn’t have any jobs, but they liked to join in with the scaring. They tweaked hair, pulled coats and went “Weee-oooo!” The visitors squeaked with delight. All the visitors could see (if they looked properly) were faint grey floating shapes.

It was fun making people scream and squeal and the little Ghastlys were very good at scaring, better in fact than the other ghosts. The other ghosts didn’t like that.

“Haunting is work for big important ghosts!” screeched the Wailing Lady.

“Little ghosts should keep away and mind their manners,” snapped Buckle the ghostly butler.

“Little ghosts should not be seen and should never be heard,” said the Headless Knight, rather snootily. “I shall tell your parents to keep you under control.”

The Headless Knight found Mr and Mrs Ghastly and had a very long moan about the children.

“Poof!” snorted Mrs Ghastly, who looked like a tall spiky cloud (to anyone who saw her.) “They’re helping you out. You should be grateful to have us important ghosts and our children here with you.”

Mr Ghastly was stout, short, and like a ball-shaped cloud (to anyone who could see him.) “You are right as always, my dear,” said Mr Ghastly. “But maybe I should have a quiet word with the little Ghastlys. We have to live with these castle ghosts after all.”

So he did.

“But it’s fun, Dad!” said Bubble. She swung her long ghostly pony tail from side to side.

“The visitors like us scaring them!” said Trouble. He had spiky hair and a wicked sense of humour.

“The castle ghosts are being horrid because the people don’t scream at them!” said Puff. She was tiny with curly hair and a round baby face, but there was nothing else angelic about her.

“That’s all very well,” said Mr Ghastly, “but keep out their way and don’t do any haunting for a while.”

“Yes, Dad,” said Bubble.

“Okay,” said Trouble.

“I suppose so,” said Puff, “but it’s not our fault.”

Mr and Mrs Ghastly were always busy. They gave performances every night, and they rehearsed during the day. They didn’t keep an eye on their children, so Bubble, Trouble and Puff could usually do whatever they wanted.

They decided to try and be good. That meant they had nothing to do at all.

They floated across the castle green where visitors were picnicking and playing games. A family were talking amongst themselves.

“This is meant to be a haunted castle,” said the mother.

“It’s rubbish,” said the father.

“Ghosts are supposed to be fun!” cried out one little girl.

The little Ghastlys looked at each other and wrinkled their noses.

“We are fun!” said Bubble.

“The castle ghosts aren’t here,” said Trouble. “And Mum and Dad are busy.”

“Go Ghastlys!” cried Puff and swooped down to the green.

The others followed. They grabbed sandwiches and made them fly. They sloshed drinks and upturned them on the grass. They got hold of a ball and threw it between them. Three little girls chased after it, giggling and screaming as they went.

“That’s more like it,” said the mother.

The Headless Knight saw them from the tower, and bristled angrily. He zoomed down, followed by Buckle the ghostly butler and the Wailing Lady. They caught the ball and gave it back to the family. They picked up the sandwiches and up righted the drinks.

“Such naughty little ghosts!” screeched the Wailing Lady.

“Their parents should keep them under control,” snapped Buckle the ghostly butler.

“We apologise for the tricks,” said the Headless Knight, rather grandly. He led the Wailing Lady and Buckle the Butler away.

The family heard every word, although they couldn’t see the ghosts.

“We were only playing!” said one little girl.

“Come on children,” said the mother.

“Time to go home,” said the father.

“We want the naughty little ghosts!” cried another little girl.

The picnic was packed up and the children were dragged away to the car park.

The little Ghastlys watched them go.

“The castle ghosts are mean misery-guts,” said Bubble. She gave a cheeky grin. “Come on Ghastlys. Let’s get our own back.”

“We’ll make them squirm and squeak and squeal,” said Trouble.

“Let’s play some really brilliant tricks on them,” said Puff, and the little Ghastlys zoomed off to find them.

The Ghostly Ghastly House

The Ghostly Ghastly House

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