The Ghostly Ghastlys Book 4: Princess published

Delighted to announce that after many hiccups the technical problems are sorted out and it is now up on Smashwords. To be published on other sites soon.

Here is the link to Smashwords, which offer downloads in numerous formats.


New Publication – Proud Moment

Book 4 of my Ghostly Ghastly series is now epublished on Amazon. It’s a romantic tale but the little Ghastlys, so mischievous normally, have an important part to play. The illustrations from Christina Boon are superb, as always.


Here’s the link:

Today I am just shattered….

Don’t know if it was the two and a half hours of walking – which I have got out of the habit of since returning from holiday – or the thought that I have yet to make a start on Christmas present shopping, or all the work still to do on the three books to be published … Have decided to let the world go by for today, and start fresh tomorrow.

This little chap, from my book, to be published for Christmas, has the right idea…




Fuchsias – still blooming….

…. in my garden despite the frost, and it being November. They were very late to start flowering this year too. Is this normal now, does anyone know.


Fuchsias have a special place in my memories as they grew like a hedge in summer all the way over the front fence of my parents house. Just wish I had a picture of them in flower – the pictures I do have still seem to be winter ones.


Anyway here are the fuchsias yesterday in my garden now.