More Animals

Here are a few more of the animals that have appeared in my stories. The artist, Christina Boon, has illustrated them delightfully, and added so much to their creation.


Here is the baby pirate elephant again who first appeared in Pizzas, Pirates and a Porcupine. He only has a small part in that book, but because so many people loved him (thank you Christina for such an inspired illustration) and commented about him on my Facebook page

he has been named Edward – with discussion on Facebook – and I am in the throes on working on his own story.

This is the original drawing. Christina has kindly done some more for me, even though the book isn’t yet ready!




Edward goes travelling with his friend, the pirate chicken, in his own story. I think her name is Pegs, as she lays a lot of eggs on the way. Here she is:



Animals have even crept in my book about the amazing machines.

Here is the Clop-a-Hopper from Mr McMarvel’s Amazing Machines. She does much to help Tim and Mr McMarvel’s robot, Rupert, although she has doesn’t like to be told what to do. Tim has to entice her out of the workshop so that they can rescue Mr McMarvel who has been kidnapped  by the villains…





Here is the Unlock Anything Machine from Mr McMarvel’s Amazing Machines. Mr McMarvel designed a wasp with extra special abilities for the very important job of unlocking anything.




And here is Matey, the pirate porcupine in Pizzas, Pirates and a Porcupine. She is befriended by Evie, who keeps her, but Dad will have to build her her own home out in the garden. Luckily Dad is a builder so this will be very easy for him!




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