A Smattering of Know-How – Krita for Illustrating

So, Never Too Old….

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For anyone who wants to produce some illustratins, artwork or even some cards or fancy lettering on their laptop, here’s my story about using an amazing free programme called Krita.

I wanted to illustrate my children’s books. I am not very good at it, but I hit a few problems last year with publishing, and this seemed a novel solution. Six months on, and doing something arty every day, I am starting to get there!

Though I work with a sketch book, especially for the beginnings and the awkward bits, it is now the computer art programmes that keeps me glued all night. Krita is fabulous! It’s not the easiest to get to grips with it, but well worth the endeavour. Many artists have tutorials on You Tube, so anyone like me who has an awful lot to learn, will soon able to create with a smattering of know- how.

Text is not always easy but the developers are working on solutions. If you can get it to do what you want it will astound you – it did me!

Krita is truly free. No adverts or rubbish like that, no need to even register anywhere. I downloaded it as my “reward” for getting those wretched tax returns in just before the end of January. It took me a week to work out how to make a mark on the page, five weeks to draw a cloud, and as for layers – who was I to guess at their amazing future usefulness to my life?

Now I can produce some reasonable artwork. It will be an age of course before it goes from “reasonable” to “good” but, for a sixty-nine-year old, this is the most fun solution to my publishing problems.

Poggle, the Pirates’ Cat is a poem I wrote for my daughter when she was seven. She is now thirty something, but the idea has stuck, and it’s become my first foray into illustrating a picture story. I’m intending to upload spreads here, for general entertainment, and to show how I’m getting on, as I get them into an okay state.

Now the really odd part – I have no clear idea how I created Jupiter. The circle started off as the sun, and whilst experimenting with blending, Jupiter “appeared,” complete with the spot. So the programme has a touch of magic embedded somewhere deep inside it, and we can all do with magic!

Please read about Krita or download at this site address: – https://krita.org/en/