Continuing Adventures in Krita Illustrating

Spread 1 (4)


So for anyone wanting to do a spot of illustrating on their laptop, here is the first spread of my picture story “Poggle, the Pirates’ Cat” which I created mainly with Krita. Krita is the free, absolutely brilliant art programme that I found quite by accident.

The first drafts of this spread were pretty awful. Now I am starting to get “there.” The atmospheric stuff is fun to create – and stars, dust and planets too. Had to do a lot of drawing to get something resembling a pirate ship, mainly in my sketch book, and then scanned in. I have discovered that I very much like working with silhouettes, and also what I am told are “flat” images ie without too much shading, but I think that’s OK for picture books.

An artist friend kindly looked over what I had done and advised me to use a plain font for the text РI had previously chosen one of the fun ones. Her reasoning was that it was  clearer to read, so here it is in plain font, apart from the compass which is in Old English Text, which she said was fitting for the style. I might well change the positioning though, as not altogether happy that all the lines point to Jupiter. There is a way of getting them to, but I have yet to work that out.

So I am having fun with this, and if I can do it, anyone can. Just to recap, Krita can be downloaded for free from the site and I would then recommend having a look at some of the demonstrations on YouTube.