Some Skeletons

I am still editing – hopefully the final edits – of Book 5 of my Ghostly Ghastly series. I am rather pleased with it as it has been very difficult to get “right” – if any of my books are that is.

I hope my next post will be about publication.


The skeletons have a little problem with a door. Here they are, thinking about it:



The skeletons are my favourites. Not sure if like children, a writer is allowed to have favourite characters, so maybe I should be saying that in a “hushed voice.”



Anyone for Washing-Up?

Am just working on the final edits of Book 5 of my Ghostly Ghastlys series. The Washing-Up-and-Odd-Job Boy wants to be a chef, but things are going pretty badly for him. The mischievous little Ghastlys are making things worse when they want to make things better. Expecting to publish this week.

Here’s the cover:



Today I am just shattered….

Don’t know if it was the two and a half hours of walking – which I have got out of the habit of since returning from holiday – or the thought that I have yet to make a start on Christmas present shopping, or all the work still to do on the three books to be published … Have decided to let the world go by for today, and start fresh tomorrow.

This little chap, from my book, to be published for Christmas, has the right idea…




Authors for the Philippines – Caroline Green

Signed copy of “Hold Your Breath” by Caroline Green. A book which will keep the reader hooked. It’s available on the Authors for the Philippines site:

Fancy being a ‘halfman’ in a Melvin Burgess book?

The bidding has started over on Authors for the Philippines. Here’s what Mr Burgess says:

ITEM: A character name in Melvin Burgess’s next book.

DETAIL: “Fancy making an appearance in my next book as a halfman – a genetically modified creature, part you and part the animal of your choice? I may baulk at anything really silly like an aardvark or an amoeba, for instance – I’m not planning on a comedy – but wildlife in general, pets and so on, are all on the agenda. It may or may not be a long life but in case of an early demise, I promise to take into account your death of choice.” – Melvin Burgess

BIO: Melvin Burgess writes books for teenagers. His work as been widely adapted and he has won some prizes.

Here’s the link: