Eggs, Pegs and an Elephant – Illustrated Chapter Book


front cover_finalWhen I was small – a long time ago – I was often given books for presents, because everyone knew I loved reading. I also loved illustrations, and I kept my disappointment to myself when a beautiful coloured book cover had only grayscale pictures inside.

So, when I published my chapter books, I had one or two colour pictures inside, to augment the grayscale illustrations.

Eggs, Pegs and an Elephant is different. There was a  problem with the print version, and the only solution that I could find was to colourize all the delightful illustrations that the wonderfully talented artist, Christina Boon, had done for me.

As Christina is not now illustrating, and as I wanted to learn to illustrate myself, I spent two months not only colouring, but adding to the smaller illustrations throughout. Almost every other page now has an illustration, and although several are not nearly as good as Christina’s, the 7-year-old me would have approved.

The ebook was published earlier this year, and I have updated the ebook format for the new coloured version on Amazon. As soon as I can find a way to reduce the size of the file, which now exceeds what will be accepted at Smashwords, I will get this new colour version uploaded to iBooks, Barnes and Noble,  Kobo and a number of other online sellers.

In the meantime, here are some of my favourite illustrations:



Eggs, Pegs and an Elephant is the story of a little elephant who goes in search of his friend, the porcupine in Pizzas, Pirates and a Porcupine. This is all about his adventures along the way. It also features Pegs, an adventurous chicken, a news-spreading crow, a monkey who is an expert at hair-dos, fur-dos and feather-dos, and a whole host of other characters – some of which are a bit grumpy.

Here is a map of his journey:


Available as a paperback and as an eBook on Amazon.


I am also currently working on my illustrations for Poggle, the Pirates’ Cat as mentioned in previous posts, and will update my adventures in Krita soon. I also intend to colour the small pictures in Pizzas, Pirates and a Porcupine, already published in paperback and an eBook to match Eggs, Pegs and an Elephant.



A bit more work…

…on Edward’s summer story.  It’s pouring with rain here, but in the story he’s at the beach.




I’m struggling for a name for his travelling companion. Ideally something that rhymes with eggs – she’s a chicken.


The Ghostly Ghastlys Book 3: Alfonso

frontCover_WIP2Here is Book 3 of the series. The mischievous little Ghastlys are now playing tricks at Alfonso’s Italian Restaurant. Clouds of flour and exploding pizzas send the diners running off, forgetting to pay their bills.

And they don’t come back.

So what are the little Ghastlys going to do about that?

The Ghostly Ghastlys Series


I am chuffed to bits to announce the epublication of the first three books in my new series for children (ages 7 – 8.) They are now up on Amazon’s Kindle bookshop, and will be published in other ebook formats in a few weeks. Also as paperbacks.

I am indebted again to Christina Boon for some fabulous artwork. Here is the link to her Facebook page:

The first three books are called:

Book 1: Finding A Home

Book 2: Branwing

Book 3: Alfonso

Here’s the link to Amazon: