Some Skeletons

I am still editing – hopefully the final edits – of Book 5 of my Ghostly Ghastly series. I am rather pleased with it as it has been very difficult to get “right” – if any of my books are that is.

I hope my next post will be about publication.


The skeletons have a little problem with a door. Here they are, thinking about it:



The skeletons are my favourites. Not sure if like children, a writer is allowed to have favourite characters, so maybe I should be saying that in a “hushed voice.”



Anyone for Washing-Up?

Am just working on the final edits of Book 5 of my Ghostly Ghastlys series. The Washing-Up-and-Odd-Job Boy wants to be a chef, but things are going pretty badly for him. The mischievous little Ghastlys are making things worse when they want to make things better. Expecting to publish this week.

Here’s the cover:




The hugely talented Christina Boon has now illustrated all six of my books for the Ghostly Ghastly series as well as “Pizzas, Pirates and a Porcupine” and “Mr McMarvel’s Amazing Machines”

And she has done some concept illustrations for Edward Elephant, who is to have a story of his own.

She is currently working on a picture book for me.

Here is here blogger page: Christina Boon – artist

And here is some of the artwork she has done for me. She has a wonderful sense of the slightly crazy but innocent worlds I write about and  I am very, very lucky to have her working with me.


Pirates digging in “Pizzas, Pirates and a Porcupine.”


The Ghostly Ghastly House from the series.


The Wedding in the Woods from Book 4 of the Ghostly Ghastly series.

Mr McMarvel’s Amazing Machines

Here are some villains!




See what Mr McMarvel, helper Tim and Rupert, the robot get up to.

Anyone like robots?

Here is Mr McMarvel’s friendly robot, Rupert:


Lots of things happen to Rupert in Mr McMarvel’s Amazing Machines, which I am delighted to say is at this moment Number 1 in Kobo’s Children’s books featuring robots.

Here are some of Mr McMarvel’s other inventions.

The Grunts, Squeaks and Scary Noises Machine:


The Butter Your Toast Machine:


The Doughnuts Without the Dough Machine:


The Bouncing Nutty Locator:


The Dappled Ice-Cream Maker


What sort of machine would you invent?