The Ghostly Ghastlys Book 4: Princess

They’ve all gone out. I’m working on the edits to Book 4 with only the call of woodpigeons from somewhere beyond the garden to distract me. No little fingers inputting strange words from my keyboard.

Book 4 is a romantic tale. Here’s the beginning:



Branwin often felt ever-so-slightly out of things – there was a family of five ghostly Ghastlys, a group of three Skeletons, but he was the only vampire.

Branwin could change from a bat to a person and back to being a bat in a few minutes. He liked being a bat and hanging upside down. It gave him a funny fuzzy feeling to see everything the wrong way up. It was out of that funny fuzzy feeling that his very best ideas came.

One evening, after a large meal, he was hanging upside down from the curtain rail in the long room. His tummy made gurgling, grungy noises.He was a vegetarian vampire, and he was too full of tomatoes, not to mention the side order of red onions. He was just about to slip into a light snooze, his bat eyes caught a movement in the road outside.

A lady was running fast from the restaurant end of Chamber Road. Her hair blew out, and she wore a long black dress and a cape. She kept turning her head, as if there was someone behind her…



Anyone for Dinner



Here’s the menu at Alfonso’s, next to the Ghostly Ghastly House. The skeletons are cooking, Branwing is welcoming the customers, and the little Ghastlys are ghostly waiters.

The Ghostly Ghastlys series – Book 1 free on Smashwords



The first three in the series are on Smashwords now, as well as Amazon. Book 1: Finding A Home is currently free to download from Smashwords, and is available in pretty much all formats. Here’s the link:


The Ghostly Ghastlys Book 3: Alfonso

frontCover_WIP2Here is Book 3 of the series. The mischievous little Ghastlys are now playing tricks at Alfonso’s Italian Restaurant. Clouds of flour and exploding pizzas send the diners running off, forgetting to pay their bills.

And they don’t come back.

So what are the little Ghastlys going to do about that?

The Ghostly Ghastlys Series


I am chuffed to bits to announce the epublication of the first three books in my new series for children (ages 7 – 8.) They are now up on Amazon’s Kindle bookshop, and will be published in other ebook formats in a few weeks. Also as paperbacks.

I am indebted again to Christina Boon for some fabulous artwork. Here is the link to her Facebook page:

The first three books are called:

Book 1: Finding A Home

Book 2: Branwing

Book 3: Alfonso

Here’s the link to Amazon: