Christina Boon – Illustrator

I would like to re-introduce the hugely talented artist who illustrates my books for me.  I am extremely lucky to have found her and she has so brilliantly drawn the worlds and brought my characters to life, that it is no surprise to learn in her own blog that she is getting very busy indeed.

Here it is:

And here is some of her work for me. There is lots more on this blog and on my Facebook page






Anyone for Dinner



Here’s the menu at Alfonso’s, next to the Ghostly Ghastly House. The skeletons are cooking, Branwing is welcoming the customers, and the little Ghastlys are ghostly waiters.

The Ghostly Ghastlys Book 3: Alfonso

frontCover_WIP2Here is Book 3 of the series. The mischievous little Ghastlys are now playing tricks at Alfonso’s Italian Restaurant. Clouds of flour and exploding pizzas send the diners running off, forgetting to pay their bills.

And they don’t come back.

So what are the little Ghastlys going to do about that?

The Ghostly Ghastlys Series


I am chuffed to bits to announce the epublication of the first three books in my new series for children (ages 7 – 8.) They are now up on Amazon’s Kindle bookshop, and will be published in other ebook formats in a few weeks. Also as paperbacks.

I am indebted again to Christina Boon for some fabulous artwork. Here is the link to her Facebook page:

The first three books are called:

Book 1: Finding A Home

Book 2: Branwing

Book 3: Alfonso

Here’s the link to Amazon: