Arrrr! Shiver me Timbers! Anyone speak pirate?

Seem to be obsessed with pirates. My first book (free on Smashwords, ibooks, Barnes &Noble and Kobo) had a pirate theme. Christina Boon, the immensely talented artist who has illustrated all my books is working on a picture book for me “Skyship Pirates” and there is even a book planned in my Ghostly Ghastly series which has a pirate in it.

Perhaps the attraction is the finding treasure, or maybe a life at sea or perhaps its just the wonderful language?

My granddaughter and I have been watching a lot of “Curious George” lately, a TV series featuring an adorable monkey who has a lot of adventures, and there is even a pirate story in there. A lot of arrrrrring! takes place.

Here’s some pirates from my book, “Pizzas, Pirates and a Porcupine”: