The Ghostly Ghastlys – Print version

I am working on a longer book for 10 – 12 year olds – probably will be for quite a while, so won’t be publishing any more of the Ghostly Ghastly series for the time being. Here are the covers from the series in the meantime, and I am planning a print version for the six stories so far, combined in one book.








Some Skeletons

I am still editing – hopefully the final edits – of Book 5 of my Ghostly Ghastly series. I am rather pleased with it as it has been very difficult to get “right” – if any of my books are that is.

I hope my next post will be about publication.


The skeletons have a little problem with a door. Here they are, thinking about it:



The skeletons are my favourites. Not sure if like children, a writer is allowed to have favourite characters, so maybe I should be saying that in a “hushed voice.”


New Publication – Proud Moment

Book 4 of my Ghostly Ghastly series is now epublished on Amazon. It’s a romantic tale but the little Ghastlys, so mischievous normally, have an important part to play. The illustrations from Christina Boon are superb, as always.


Here’s the link:


The hugely talented Christina Boon has now illustrated all six of my books for the Ghostly Ghastly series as well as “Pizzas, Pirates and a Porcupine” and “Mr McMarvel’s Amazing Machines”

And she has done some concept illustrations for Edward Elephant, who is to have a story of his own.

She is currently working on a picture book for me.

Here is here blogger page: Christina Boon – artist

And here is some of the artwork she has done for me. She has a wonderful sense of the slightly crazy but innocent worlds I write about and  I am very, very lucky to have her working with me.


Pirates digging in “Pizzas, Pirates and a Porcupine.”


The Ghostly Ghastly House from the series.


The Wedding in the Woods from Book 4 of the Ghostly Ghastly series.

The Ghostly Ghastlys Book 4: Princess

They’ve all gone out. I’m working on the edits to Book 4 with only the call of woodpigeons from somewhere beyond the garden to distract me. No little fingers inputting strange words from my keyboard.

Book 4 is a romantic tale. Here’s the beginning:



Branwin often felt ever-so-slightly out of things – there was a family of five ghostly Ghastlys, a group of three Skeletons, but he was the only vampire.

Branwin could change from a bat to a person and back to being a bat in a few minutes. He liked being a bat and hanging upside down. It gave him a funny fuzzy feeling to see everything the wrong way up. It was out of that funny fuzzy feeling that his very best ideas came.

One evening, after a large meal, he was hanging upside down from the curtain rail in the long room. His tummy made gurgling, grungy noises.He was a vegetarian vampire, and he was too full of tomatoes, not to mention the side order of red onions. He was just about to slip into a light snooze, his bat eyes caught a movement in the road outside.

A lady was running fast from the restaurant end of Chamber Road. Her hair blew out, and she wore a long black dress and a cape. She kept turning her head, as if there was someone behind her…